If Jude Law Was a Woman No One Would Congratulate Him on His 5th Baby

jude lawJude Law has been creating children for 18 years now. His oldest son is Rafferty, and he also has Rudy, 12, and a daughter named Iris, 14 -- all with ex-wife Sadie Frost. With his ex-girlfriend Samantha Burke, Jude has a 5-year-old daughter name Sophia. And now he is a father for a fifth time with another ex, Catherine Harding. They just welcomed a baby girl. While many are high-fiving Jude, I think his situation should make us re-think how we treat moms in the same situation.


It's fairly safe to say that Jude, as a dad with five kids with three different mothers, is taking care of business. He's a father in every sense of the word, being there for trips to the park, school work, and family meals. He's rich and famous -- money isn't an issue. And who wouldn't want to procreate with Jude Law?! But imagine if it was a woman who had five kids from three different fathers? The negative comments wouldn't be just whispers. 

While many are congratulating Jude with a pat on the back, if he was a woman, the same most likely wouldn't be done. I won't mention the names she would be called, but you know them. They aren't nice. And they aren't things anyone would use to describe Jude, our dad, our chap. Why are some so harsh to moms when it comes to this, but dads get a pass?

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I think both moms and dads deserve respect. If the kids are loved, then what does it matter how many kids someone had with however many partners? And how much money a person has or not shouldn't be an issue. If the kids are taken care of then that's the core of what matters. Jude should be the poster parent on how we should treat dads and moms. We should collectively lighten up when it comes to a woman's choice to have kids with different men. Relationships end. Kids, though, are an incredible gift that can come out of a relationship. We should all embrace that sentiment. Peace, love, and Jude Law!

Do you think it really matters how many kids someone has with different people? Why do you think moms are treated differently in this respect?


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