Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Embarrass Their Kids With PDA

angelina jolie brad pittKids around the world can agree that there is often nothing as horrifyingly embarrassing and cringe-worthy as seeing your parents kiss. Very few things come close to that level of just plain... ew. But Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have absolutely zero qualms about packing on the PDA in front of their kids. And their entire soccer team, apparently.


The famous couple attended a soccer game where their daughters Zahara and Shiloh were playing. And while sitting inconspicuously in the stands, they shared more than a few steamy smooches.

Reports show that they not only got lovey-dovey while watching the game, they later greeted their daughters post-game, while still wrapped up in each other's arms.

Let's say it all together: bow chicka, ow, ow!

Witness also say that the kids were super excited to see their famous parents. But the PDA? We think they may have been covering their eyes just a tad.

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We all know that watching Mom and Dad exchange some kisses is beyond embarrassing for kids -- especially when it's done in public. But, it's also great for kids to see.

In research published in the Australian journal, NatCen Social Research, scientists found that the more affectionate parents are with one another in front of the kids,the more likely Mom and Dad are to praise their children. On top of that, it makes parents more likely to talk to their children about important topics and less likely to raise their voice when speaking with the kids.

Hear that? Happy partner, happy kids. There is a direct relationship. So as uncomfortable as it may be to witness their PDA, it's actually a great thing for the whole family. Kiss away, parents!

Do you kiss in front of your children?


Image via SartorialPhoto / Splash News

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