Tom Hanks Helps Girl Scouts Sell Cookies By Bribing People


girl scout cookies

Few things are as wholesomely irresistible as a Girl Scout selling cookies ... which may explain why some scouts in Los Altos, California recently bumped into an unexpected customer: Tom Hanks, who bought four boxes then turned around and tried to help them sell more cookies himself. Ain't that sweet?


Apparently Tom was in the area to buy vintage typewriters (who knew he was into that?) before he was intercepted by three Girl Scouts hawking their wares on the street. At first, the girls didn't recognize the movie star due to his cap and shades, but once they did, they asked for a photo together; which Tom graciously posed for:

Then other bystanders asked Tom for a photo, too -- to which he replied, "only if you buy cookies from these young ladies." Talk about some savvy salesmanship!

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Plus, of course, the Girl Scouts were ecstatic.

You've gotta love Tom for helping out the Girl Scouts. Since after all, even if you've got a cute smile and boxes upon boxes of Thin Mints, selling cookies to strangers on the street is hard work! I know this from personal experience, back when I was a scout myself selling cookies door to door, begging my parents' friends and neighbors ... I would have killed to have a celeb like Tom around to jack my sales, not to mention make my day.

What's the nicest thing you've heard a celeb do for kids?


Image via Constantine Pankin/shutterstock

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