Jill Duggar Breaks Big Pregnancy 'Rule' Days Before Due Date (PHOTO)

jill duggar derick dillardThere are plenty of things you shouldn't do while pregnant, from eating soft cheeses to consuming large amounts of alcohol, and plenty more no-nos. But Jill Duggar is breaking a pregnancy rule of her own because this mama-to-be is traveling just a couple short weeks before her due date.


The entire Duggar family is currently on vacation in Texas (and raising plenty of drama with their gun usage), and surprisingly, Jill and husband Derick Dillard tagged along for the trip.

Take a look at their time away from home:

She looks happy and great (and Derick is already rocking his Daddy gear!), but traveling so close to your due date is usually not the wisest idea.

Doctors recommend that mothers either get additional information from their OB/GYNs before embarking on a trip, and should be comfortable and prepared to possibly give birth while on vacation. The option definitely stands.

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Couples do choose to 'babymoon' before their little one arrives, but it's usually done weeks, if not a couple months, before they're expected. And something tell us this isn't quite a 'babymoon,' what with the in-laws and siblings around.

Since Jill is opting for a home birth, and has been learning midwifery, she's possibly a bit more knowledgeable than the average pregnant woman, but unless she's storing her water birth tub in the family RV, there should be a plan B. Or, plot twist: Baby Dilly will be a Texas baby.

Definitely a brave move on Mama's part. Let's hope they make it back to Arkansas before the little man makes his appearance.

Did you travel so close to your due date?


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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