Duggars Share Vacation Pics of Kids & Guns -- Bang, They're Being Judged

duggar familyWith the whole family together, you'd think that the Duggar vacation would be a peaceful and relaxing time. But it doesn't look that way. The family shared snapshots of their fishing expedition to Texas and between the sweet photos of family and the kids, fans immediately noticed one thing: The Duggars had dangerous guns lying around next to the kids.


It's no secret that the Southern family prefers to bear arms. They recently faced criticism when they gave one of their youngest children a gun for Christmas, and even Jessa triggered backlash for a gun photo earlier last year.

But these latest pictures are even more controversial. Take a look:


In all three photos, the kids are on the beach, fishing, and a single gun lies on the sand. Naturally, people were unhappy.

Many users were quick to point out that the gun is a BB-gun, but we all know those are not exactly safe and child-proof either. Right, Ralphie?

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BB gun or not, it's not safe. Little Josie is walking around just feet from it, while most of the adults (apart from whoever is taking the photo) have their backs turned to both her and the weapon. On top of that, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that no one under the age of 16 use a BB or pellet gun. And that age restriction immediately limits the gun's usage to about half of the Duggars, so why have it?

We've heard plenty of horror stories to know that it's incredibly irresponsible to leave any type of gun, pellet or not, within a child's reach, especially when it's not being properly supervised. It can only take a second for a child to take it and use it. Even if the gun won't kill, it can hurt, and that's not a risk that anyone should be willing to take.

What do you think of the Duggars' photos?



Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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