Jessa Duggar's Adoption Plans Take Surprising Turn

jessa duggar seewald

So you've probably heard how Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are planning to adopt ... only when? Well, not quite as soon as some fans would like! And no, it's not because they're pregnant. The couple recently revealed they're going to hold off on adopting until they have been married for two years.


The couple charted out their time line in a recent interview with a Tennessee radio station. Given the rate the some of their other family members are popping out kids, two years seems like eons! But I think that's a smart decision that others can learn from.

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I think couples should really savor at least a few married years childless -- that way, you can really bond as a couple. Because believe you me, once you've got kids, the going gets tough, so it's nice to have some idyllic child-free adventures before the realities of family life settle in.

For instance, whenever my husband and I get testy over who should clean up our 4-year-old's mess or put her to sleep, I think back to that trip we took long ago to Italy, alone, just the two of us ... and my resentment washes away.

Here's hoping Jessa and Ben will take their sweet time!

How long did you wait after marriage before you started planning to start a family?


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