Hillary Clinton Can't Get Chelsea to Take Her Parenting Advice

hillary clinton and chelsea clinton

Any mom faces the inevitable advice-giving from grandma or the mother-in-law. It's understandable and, frankly, expected. But what do you do when your mother, the former Secretary of State, starts dishing out parenting advice? If you're Chelsea Clinton, you say a polite "thank you," and move on.


While hosting the Clinton Foundation's "No Ceilings Initiative," the mother-daughter duo spoke about women's rights and girls' education, and then gave us some brilliant pearls of wisdom about how to handle a meddling grandma's input. And it's advice all moms can follow.

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"Er, she definitely gives me advice," Chelsea Clinton tells Sky News. "Some of it, I take. And some of it I sort of smile and say 'Thank you' for. I'm sure this is a common thing with new moms and their mothers!"

Wait... what?!

Most moms have a rough time with the overbearing grandmother giving her stately advice, and many can't ever imagine standing up to her and saying: "Listen, Mom. I'm the Mom now, so let me be." Can you imagine telling your mom or mother-in-law that you're passing on her advice? Seems impossible, no?

But Chelsea seems to have it down. Forget that she's the former Senator, Secretary of State, First Lady, and potential Presidential nominee in 2016, Hillary is Mom and Grandma here. Chelsea doesn't even look at her Mom as the politician and world leader that she is.

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"At the moment, she's more Charlotte's grandmother to me, than anything else," Chelsea says. She clearly has no qualms about politely declining Mom's sage parenting and just doing it all on her own, regardless of her world position and leadership status.

So let's all take a note, moms. If Chelsea Clinton can ignore her mother's pestering and counsel, so can you. It's mom-spiration at it's finest.

How do you handle your mom's advice?



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