Jill Duggar Shares Proof Baby Dilly Isn't Here ... Yet (PHOTO)

jill duggar pregnant baby bumpThe entire Duggar family fandom experienced a collective heart attack earlier this week. Jill Duggar posted a photo of a baby she delivered two weeks before her due date, and everyone simultaneously freaked out. Alas, it was just a total tease on Jill's part, who, as a midwife, actually helped to deliver this baby. Baby Dilly has yet to make his entrance into the world, and we have the photo evidence to prove it.


The fourth-oldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is due on March 24. And while Jill and husband Derick Dillard are prepping and nesting in celebration of their upcoming addition, it can safely be reported that Jill is, indeed, still pregnant.

And here's the evidence:

The Duggar family uploaded the photo last night, with no caption and no details, just showing us that Jill is, indeed, still pregnant.

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If anyone really needed any more proof that the baby Jill delivered earlier this week wasn't the fourth Duggar grandchild, this latest photo will do it.

But gauging from the picture, it looks like the due date isn't far off. Jill's solidly in the 38th week of pregnancy, which means that her first child can come any day now. And she's getting ready for that day with plenty of family support, it looks.

She's flanked by Jinger, Jana, and John-David, and is getting some good family time in before she's fully dedicated to the future baby boy.

But for now, we can all rest assured that he has not yet arrived. But let's all stay on the lookout starting, now!

When do you think Jill will deliver Baby Dilly?


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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