Ashton Kutcher Asks: 'Dude, Where's My Diaper Changing Table?'

ashton kutcher wants equal changing dutiesJust when you thought Ashton Kutcher couldn't possibly get any cuter, the actor and new dad found a way. The hands-on papa has taken to Facebook demanding to know why mens public restrooms are "NEVER" equipped with diaper changing stations. 


OMG! If you're a mom who liked baby Wyatt Isabelle's daddy before, how much do you love this guy now??

As we all know, diaper changing can be a dirty job -- especially on the fly. How great is it that Kutcher wants to step up and do his part to make sure his little girl is comfortable? His eagerness to share in the parenting responsibilities is no doubt one of the reasons his fiance, Mila Kunis, always looks so happy!

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We also think it's really amazing that the Two and a Half Men star is willing to raise the issue in a public forum. Since  we as moms hardly ever venture into the men's room, (unless it's to find out what's taking our boys so long in there) we're not really privvy to which amenities most mens rooms are lacking. We can't fight the fight for them.

While some moms may feel that ladies rooms are, in general, cleaner than mens rooms, and prefer to do the changing themselves, there are times when dad and baby go to the park or run errands together without us, and so, really, this option should be a given in 2015! 

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We love that this sexy celebrity is getting vocal about wanting to do as much as possible as a dad. Surely, the Hollywood hunk could just pass little Wyatt off to a nanny but he isn't. So, um, regular dads, here's your role model. Grab your wipes and hop to it! 

Do you think changing stations in mens public restrooms should be mandatory? 


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