A Peek at Anna Duggar's Ultrasound Shows She's Having One Seriously Cute Baby (PHOTO)

josh and anna duggarAnna and Josh Duggar recently revealed that they're expecting a little girl, and now the proud almost parents-of-four are sharing the first picture of their little lady. Anna shared ultrasound photos of their daughter, and OMG she's already way too adorable!


The little one is moving around, we can see her hands, and she's definitely putting on a show for the cameras. Looks like she's ready for life as a Duggar. Take a look at the picture:

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Aww... she's covering her eyes! It looks like she was caught right in the middle of her nap, just wiping sleep from her eyes!

Or maybe, someone's just a little bit shy? That won't fly for long. Don't worry, baby M (with siblings Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus, it's probably safe to assume she'll have an M name), you'll get used to the cameras soon enough.

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With rumors circulating that Josh and Anna are gearing up for their own Duggar spinoff (as along as cousin Amy doesn't beat them to it!), the latest addition would play a big part in the show. Now we're just keeping our fingers crossed that we'll get plenty more sneak peeks at the baby girl throughout the pregnancy.

Did your baby show off any cute moves in the ultrasound?


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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