Anti-Vaxxer Attacks on Jimmy Kimmel Make Us Wish There Were a Vaccine Against Hate (VIDEO)​

In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel aired a segment last week about vaccinations. He put together a funny take on a pro-vax PSA and boy  did he get some hate for it! Apparently, not only can people not take a joke, but they also can't have a civil discussion about a real and important issue. And you wonder why everyone's so hesitant to talk about this stuff?


In retaliation against the Twitter hate he got, Jimmy read off the worst of the tweets and jeez. These people are harsh. Check them out for yourself:

"Jimmy Kimmel is a disgusting boil on the ass of entertainment?" "Jimmy Kimmel is worse than the priests abusing boys?" Not the most reasonable counter-arguments. The vaccination discussion is one that needs to be taken seriously, and that means responding with fact, not cruelty.

Yes, Jimmy's original video was humorous and not 100 percent serious, but at least he had some science and evidence in there to back up his jokes. These people aren't helping their case by acting like this on Twitter.

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This is the kind of thing that makes it hard to have these discussions in the first place. People are afraid of getting publicly slammed by Internet trolls for sharing their beliefs, and they're not exactly wrong to feel that way. Because honestly? They probably will.

Wouldn't a better approach be one that comes from calmness and kindness? We don't have to be cruel just because we don't agree.

Do you think these people were wrong to attack Jimmy Kimmel this way?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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