Carrie Underwood Gives Baby a Name Straight From the Bible (PHOTO)

carrie underwood

Country singer Carrie Underwood has given birth! She and her hockey star husband, Mike Fisher, announced the great news on Instagram and also shared the baby's name.


The little guy is Isaiah Michael Fisher.

Now, according to the name experts at Baby Name Wizard, Isaiah is a name with strong biblical roots. Not sure if that factored into why Carrie picked the name, but her Instagram announcement seems to echo that sentiment by saying "God has blessed us with an amazing gift!" Check it out below:

In fact, the Old Testament of the Bible has a book called Isaiah, named after an 8th century B.C. prophet. The name is derived from Hebrew and means "salvation."

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In addition to having a long and weighty history behind it, the name Isaiah has recently surged in popularity, currently ranking #44 -- surpassing other biblical biggies like Adam and Aaron.

All in all, it's a name with a lot going for it; we hope and expect this baby will rise to the occasion!

What do you think of the name?

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