Jill Duggar Looks Ready to Pop in Final Stretch of Pregnancy (PHOTO)

jill duggar baby bumpAnother new week, another day closer to finally meeting Baby Dilly. Jill Duggar is less than a month away from her due date (the family officially announced that her first child will arrive on March 24), and we're getting more and more peeks at her growing baby bump. And the latest snapshot shows just how big -- and bold -- Jill really is.


There's very little time left, and the belly continues to grow. Just last week, we saw Jill's sporty look and basketball-sized bump, but this time around, she's back to her classic pose. Take a look:


Whoa, mama! Now that's a bump. And above all else, kudos to Jill for rocking those stripes. Not many woman, let alone pregnant women, are bold enough to bust out the horizontal stripes. But fashion be damned, Jill is rocking the bands.

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And on top of that, she has plenty of support from the family. Anyone else catch the super sweet caption from the photo? "We think this girl is going to be a good momma!" says the Duggar family.

And surely, it's because she's had plenty of practice with changing diapers and raising little ones. As the second-oldest Duggar daughter, she's helped take care of her siblings, and has served as a "buddy" to several of the younger Duggars.

Now, soon enough, she'll have a new buddy of her own. Can't wait to meet him!

Did you take pregnancy progression photos like Jill?


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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