Jessica Biel's Baby Bump Has Officially Taken Over (PHOTO)

jessica biel baby bumpBaby Biel-Timberlake is on its way! While filming The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, Jessica Biel was spotted with her growing baby bump, all the while managing to also rock overalls.


An impressive feat, no doubt, but Biel manages to make her look work. The paint-splattered denim and top knot perfectly complete the whole ensemble, and we're all the more impressed. Take a look:

jessica biel baby bump

For years, overalls have been a fashion no-no (and have been known to give you a little belly bump). But now, it might be time for a comeback. All thanks to Biel's single outfit choice, which proves that pregnant women can totally carry the trend.

And as the mom-to-be, it clear pregnancy agrees with her. Photographers say that she "appeared to glow as she worked on set," and the photos prove it.

Plus, with her due date in just about a month (it's reported that Biel is due in March), she's working right up until delivery. Long hours on set, and resurging fashion trends. All in a day's work for Biel.

What do you think of Biel's look?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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