New Stepdad Writes Wedding Vows for 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter (VIDEO)

Whitney Kay & Brian Scott wedding vow

Talk about sweet: When NASCAR driver Brian Scott married Whitney Kay last January, he recited wedding vows not just to her, but her 3-year-old daughter Brielle. He vowed to hold her hand as they skipped down the street, tuck her in at night, treat her mom right, and more.




Posted on YouTube shortly after their wedding, the video recently went viral, and I totally understand why! I definitely choked up when I saw Brian kneel down to be eye-to-eye with his stepdaughter to make this life-long promise. Check it out below:

What I love about this vow is that it's true: When a man marries a woman with a child, he really is making a vow not only to his wife but the child. As a result, I think it's very fitting to make that vow official.

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Because let's face it, becoming a step-parent is such a huge responsibility! And it's not just because you're signing on to feed and clothe a kid, but all the emotional stuff too, from reading bedtime stories to making pancakes with blueberry smiley faces in the morning.

I hope more stepdads-to-be consider following in Brian's footsteps when they walk down the aisle.

What do you think of stepparents making "wedding vows" to their stepkids?


Image via PennWeddings/YouTube



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