Colleges Are Trying to Recruit LeBron James' Son (He's 10!)

We all know that colleges can take sports a little too seriously, but more than one has taken it too far by offering basketball scholarships to a 10-year old boy. A 10-YEAR-OLD. Who's probably not even in middle school yet, and who's definitely a few years away from puberty. And a growth spurt. And yet, according to his dad, there are several schools who have been eyeing him for a while, and he's gotten letters and scholarship offers from more than one college coach.


The thing is, the little b-ball star is none other than LeBron James, Jr., basketball star LeBron James's oldest son. And yeah, part of the reason he's getting so much attention is because of his dad, but even without him this kid is good. Check him out:

Here's a big BUT, though: Does it matter? Even if he's the best 10-year-old basketball player in the country, is it okay for colleges to start knocking on his door years before their offer is even relevent for him? They can't exactly call dibs on him, you know?

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Choosing a college is already a stressful enough decision, especially for athletes. And this kid is 10! He should have at least another five years of bliss before he has to start stressing about his future or start playing basketball for any reason other than for fun.

Apparently, LeBron doesn't like it too much, either. He told CBS Detroit that he thinks it should be a violation to recruit kids so young, but as of right now, colleges are totally within their rights to scout and reach out to kids of any ages.

From the NCAA's bylaws:

"In men's basketball, a coaching staff member may observe an individual who has not entered the seventh grade participating in an athletically related activity, provided such observation occurs during a period when it is permissible to evaluate prospective student-athletes."

Kind of creepy, right?

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LeBron has a lot to be pround of in his son, and LeBron, Jr. probably has a great future ahead of him playing basketball. But he also has TIME to decide if playing basketball is even what he wants to do. And college coaches should respect that.

Doi you agree? How soon is too soon for colleges to start recruiting kids, do you think?


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