Another Duggar Daughter Shows Off 'Pregnant' Belly (PHOTO)

If you haven't noticed, Jill Duggar's belly is getting HUGE. And now another sister's is too ... Jordyn! Nah, just kidding. The 6-year-old isn't pregnant, but man does she do an adorable pregnant-Jill impression.


Proud Mama Duggar posted a photo to Facebook of her second youngest daughter with her second oldest, and the results made us go "Awww!" Think you're immune? Try it:

Adorable, no? We love it when little kids are fascinated by pregnancy. And if her sisters have it their way, little Jordyn will have her fair share of big bellies to oggle at in the next few years.

If this is any sign, Jordyn might end up being the most doting auntie of the bunch. And if she keeps on wearing to enormous snow boots, she might be the cutest one, too.

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It's also refreshing to see that the Duggars are a pretty normal family, other than, you know, all the kids. What little girl doesn't look up to her big sister? And what kind of family doesn't have toys scattered all over the floor and sippy cups on the counter?

Only a couple more weeks until Jill is due, and then Jordyn gets to play "pretend Mommy" instead of "pretend pregnant lady." You'd think it'd be more rewarding, but I guess we'll see what the sisters say!

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Either way, it's pretty safe to say that Baby Dilly will have as many great role models in the fam as little Jordyn does now. One of the upsides of being one of 19!

Do you love this picture of Jordyn and Jill as much as we do?


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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