If Our Kids Treated Us Like the Duggars, We'd Have 19 of 'Em Too

john david joy anna jim bob jinger jessa duggar ben seewaldMother's Day may not be until May, but in the Duggar family, every day bring a new reason to celebrate mom Michelle. And in honor of the Duggar matriarch, John-David, Joy Anna, Jim Bob, Jinger, and Jessa Duggar, and Ben Seewald all got together to spread the message.


Take a look at their sweet shout-out:

And don't worry, JB, we won't forget you!

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But for today, let's just give a shout-out to Michelle. Heck, she birthed 19 (nineteen!) children. She deserves a pat on the back each and every day. That's enough cause to celebrate.

And it applies to all moms, whether or not they've given birth to 19 kids. Take a little time out of your day and salute Mom! Give her a shout-out and send her a sweet video message with the rest of the siblings. Don't wait until Mother's Day to really, really thank her. Start today.

How do your kids celebrate you?


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