Amy Duggar Blasts the Family for Their Unrealistic Courting Rules

amy duggar jim bob duggarWhile we're all more than familiar with the strict Duggar courting rules, it looks like not all members of the family prescribe to the same set of guidelines started by Jim Bob and Michelle. In fact, Amy Duggar, Jim Bob's niece, is now coming out with some fighting words about the infamous family's dating style and says the Duggars "don’t live in reality."


"They have a Duggar bubble," Amy tells

Which, in fact, somewhat right. The family lives on their 20-acre compound, the children are home schooled, and only leave the house after marriage. Jill, 23, and Jessa, 22, are the only two Duggar daughters who have moved out of the family home and now each share a house with their respective husbands, Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald.

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But their courting process was no easy feat.

"I can’t even imagine courting like that," adds Amy, about the process that includes no hand holding until engagement and no kissing or other risky business until the wedding. "It works for them, and I hope to God they have successful relationships... But what if they suck at kissing? I can’t imagine not kissing to full blown 'let’s do it all' in 30 seconds!"

Which is exactly what the older, now-married, Duggars have done. Josh, Jill, and Jessa all followed Mom and Dad's courting rules and remained completely pure until their wedding night. They courted with chaperones and agreed to only side-hug and hold hands up until they were officially married.

Amy, however, has chosen not to court the Duggar way. Since she was a teenager, she dated "all kinds of guys," and it's all worked out for the best. She's now in total L-O-V-E with her boyfriend Dillon King, and could not imagine marrying her first boyfriend, like her cousins did.

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"I thought the world of him, he was a Christian guy, and he cheated on me," she says of her first love. "I’m glad I had bad relationships and I grew from that. You learn from everything you do, it’s part of your story."

For better or worse, it's worked for her. As for her cousins? They "don't know a broken heart," Amy adds. "They never had it broken, which is so pure and honest and beautiful. Jill and Jessa didn’t bring any baggage into their relationships. Everyone wants a relationship like that. But most of us have to weed out the weeds before we get to a flower!"

There's no word yet on how the Duggars have reacted to Amy's blast, but they've endured their fair share of criticism over the years. Amy's never made it a secret that she doesn't exactly do it the Duggar way -- heck, the first time we met her on the series, she agreed that she could never date like Josh and Anna -- but the family has supported her still. And now the courting vs. dating debate will continue.

Would you be able to ever court like the Duggars?


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