'Fifty Shades' Star Jamie Dornan Explains Role His Baby Played in Filming

jamie dornan

Jamie Dornan has been in the spotlight lately for his role as the mercurial businessman and BDSM fan, Christian Grey, but the married dad-of-one is all about family in his down time. Dornan is now dishing about what it was like to film Fifty Shades of Grey while also experiencing fatherhood for the very first time.


With the hectic filming schedule and constant travel (Fifty Shades filmed in Canada, while Jamie lives in London), Dornan has some extra special distractions during production, with his wife Amelia Warner and 15-month-old daughter Dulcie:

My wife was very heavily pregnant at the time, so we had to get to Vancouver, have a Canadian baby. It was kind of a mad time, and most of my energy was taking care of my wife, and when our baby came, taking care of her... it was good to have something else to focus on to take away that pressure, in a way.

Hear that? How... sweet?

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We suppose the best way to get distracted from the crazy filming of an erotica film is to spend some time taking care of your wife and newborn baby. Lesson learned.

But in all honesty, this is all kinds of adorable. Watching Dad turn his whole life into focusing on baby shows that nothing else matters. Not even work or a much hyped-about movie adaptation. It's all baby, at all times. And that's just perfection.

Are you surprised Dornan used his baby


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