Victoria Beckham's 3-Year-Old Pulls Embarrassing Stunt at Fashion Show

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Here's an idea for a haute couture-themed children's book, inspired by Harper Beckham and North West's recent runway-adjacent antics: If You Take a Toddler to New York Fashion Week ... She'll Throw a Huge Tantrum and Pick Her Nose. Yup, much to the horror of stone-faced fashion industry icons like Anna Wintour, well-dressed celeb toddlers were all the rage at NYFW this year, and they clearly didn't get the "how to behave appropriately at high-profile events where a zillion cameras are recording your every move" memo. 


Indeed, while North West kicked and screamed and generally used all of the communication tools learned in her 19 months on this planet to show her utter contempt for fashion (while sitting RIGHT NEXT to Wintour), 3-year-old Harper Beckham chose a more subtle way to thumb her nose at the star-studded spectacle unfolding before her -- by picking it. (Her nose, that is.)

Here's hoping Mama Victoria doesn't embarrass too easily!

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Seriously though ... why should Beckham bother being embarrassed? Sure, this all went down in front of Anna Wintour, but Harper was just acting like a kid.

As a mother of three, I gave up being embarrassed by my kids' kid-like behavior long ago, no matter what the circumstances. Sure, it's a little bit easier to laugh off nose-picking and loud crying jags at the playground or in the grocery store than it is at a fancypants fashion show, but ultimately, no small child should be held to the same standard of manners as an adult (or even an older child). Any parent who says otherwise is being completely unrealistic, if you ask me.

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And while some would argue that a 3-year-old has no business being at NYFW in the first place, it makes perfect sense to me that Harper (and her siblings) would be at their mother's fashion show. Shouldn't Victoria Beckham have a say who sits in the front row at her own event, after all? In the end, I guess, it all comes down to this: if picking her nose in public is the most reputation-damaging thing Harper Beckham ever does, Victoria and David should thank their lucky stars (and they seem to have plenty of those).

What's the most embarrassing thing your child has ever done in public?

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