Beyonce's Valentine's Day Date Got a Little Sticky (PHOTO)


Stars ... they're just like us! Okay, to be fair, maybe Beyonce isn't just like us (unless, that is, you happen to have a billion-dollar team of stylists by your side at all times as a guarantee that every selfie is an Instagram masterpiece), but she did seem to spend her Valentine's Day engaging in a low-key, budget-friendly activity even the most non-glamorous mom can appreciate: Getting covered in stickers by 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. What sort of stickers, you ask?


Why, they were bee stickers, of course! This is the QUEEN BEE we're talking about, here (not to mention the whole Valentine's Day "bee mine" angle). Naturally Blue Ivy would show a little marketing savvy when choosing props for her very first selfie ... the bee don't fall far from the hive, if you know what we mean. And just check out the adorable results!!

beyonce and blue ivy

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How cute is that? (And how cool are those stickers?? I want some!) Seriously, though, the best part of this shot is how totally relatable it is, even for us moms who spend most of our days in sweatpants with mac-and-cheese stains on them. Who among us hasn't spent what's supposed to be a romantic holiday letting our toddlers cover us in the stickers of their choice?

Of course, I'm a cynic at heart, so there's a small part of me that's like, "Yeah, but you know Beyonce was like, 'Hey, how 'bout you use THESE stickers instead of those Dora the Explorer ones?'"

In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. The important part is Beyonce and Blue Ivy had an adorable mother-daughter Valentine's Day moment that just about anybody can re-create (with the help of some extra-flattering filters).

Does this photo remind you of your own life as a mom?

Images via Beyonce/Instagram

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