Rosamund Pike's 'Oscar Gown' Has Built-In Breast Pumps, Courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres (VIDEO)

Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike has a 9-week-old baby. While some of us may think she has it made as a celeb mom and probably has far fewer worries than us, the opposite seems to be true. The actress, who has been nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, is worried about how she will breastfeed her newborn on the biggest night of the year—and Ellen DeGeneres has the perfect dress solution for her.


First of all, hats off to Rosamund, who admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that life isn't easy for any new mom, celeb or not, and especially when breastfeeding is involved. She says people are shocked when she shows up at events with her son and her reaction is refreshing: "What do you do? Your a mom and your baby has to eat."

Rosamund explained that she has become the "uncool" one at awards shows because she arrives super early and is whisked off backstage so that she can pump breastmilk and do what she has to do as a busy working mom. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well, with the exception of all of that awards show stuff.

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Anyway, Ellen came through for the 36-year-old star by putting all of her Oscar night anxieties to rest—and presenting her with a very unique solution to the nursing problem she'll face that evening: a gown with built-in breast pumps!

And Rosamund's reaction is perfect and makes us love her even more: "That is what I need. You think this is a joke—it's actually very, very close to the truth."

Check out the hilarious clip:

Where do you find it most challenging to breastfeed?


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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