Blake Lively's First Family Photo Is a Little Too Revealing

blake lively ryan reynoldsAs if we didn't already know it, new parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are not only gorgeous, but completely obsessed with their baby. So naturally, they're combining those two passions in the only way they know how. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready because Lively, Reynolds, and their daughter will all pose nude in Allure's annual "Look Better Naked" issue.


What a beautiful family moment. Just Mom, Dad, baby, and zero clothing. Now that is an .... oddd .... way to precious memories with your child.

Just this morning, sources have revealed that Reynolds and Lively named their daughter James, so world, get ready for a James/Blake/Ryan nude photo shoot. Because it will be here soon.

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Turns out that Blake was the first to take some "fashion shots," according to Us Weekly. And then "everyone was kicked out of the room and a curtain went up. Then they posed nude holding the baby."

But if you thought that they'd give up too much info, think again. The parents were totally "doting" on their baby girl but refused to call her by name. The source revealed that instead, the couple "called her 'the baby.'"

No major news here. The parents have always been notoriously private, but this latest news could be a little embarrassing for that sweetie down the road!

Think about it. Looking back through family albums years later (or coming upon the photos online when googling your name), and you find your nude family photo shoot. Eek!

Celebrity or not, doing a naked photo shoot with Mom and Dad is every kind of uncomfortable.

Hopefully baby James has a great sense of humor!

What do you think about Lively & Reynolds' photo shoot idea?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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