Anna Faris Harassed for Taking Her Baby on a Plane (VIDEO)

It turns out that not even celebs are immune to the torture known as traveling with children. Anna Faris was chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on his show on Tuesday, February 10, and she regaled him with the tale of the time she took her infant son Jack on an 11-hour plane ride to visit her hubby Chris Pratt in London.


The Parks and Recreation star was filming Guardians of the Galaxy, and Anna decided to take a trip to go visit Daddy. She said that Jack is usually a great traveler, but you know, babies are babies, and no one likes to be stuck in a plane for 11 hours. Faris described her son's noisiness as "vocalizing."

"Not screaming, not crying, just being adorable, I thought," she remembered. "But I'm also sweating because you know everyone is hating me around me."

She said that's when she heard a loud "SHHH" from a man seated near her ... and realized that it was Mickey Rourke! The legendary actor actually shushed Anna's cooing baby!

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"I was already so nervous before knowing that everyone hated me, and then sort of to have sort of Mickey Rourke confirm that didn't feel great," she said. "I got shushed by Mickey Rourke!"

Oh man -- we'd like to think he was just kidding with her, but from what she said about his grumblings, it seems like Rourke was seriously unhappy about being seated near an infant. She even shared the incident with another mom friend, a writer, and she revealed that her baby had been shushed in a restaurant by Rourke!

"He likes to shush babies!" she exclaimed.

Kimmel then pointed out that it may be hypocritical for Rourke to reprimand "human babies," as he reportedly likes to carry around his "yapping" chihuahuas "everywhere he goes."

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What mom hasn't experienced the shame of being judged by other travels when you board a plane with a baby in tow? Even if your kid is relatively quiet, they're still little people who lack impulse control. They're not exactly good at internalizing their discomfort and sucking it up.

At least not many of us have been told to hush our kids up by Mickey Rourke.

What's your worst experience traveling with small children?


Image via Anna Faris/Instagram

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