JWoww Doesn't Like What Breastfeeding Did to Her Body

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In her newest blog post, JWoww, aka Jenni Farley, is celebrating two pretty big things. She just got a "10-year boob makeover" and she couldn't be happier with the results. While that could represent the "two big things" right there, her other piece of exciting news is that she underwent the procedure as part of the prep work for baby #2!


While breast augmentation might not be on every woman's pre-pregnancy planning itinerary, the former Jersey Shore star and proud mom of 6-month-old daughter Meilani decided to get the work done before she and baby daddy Roger marry and get busy making a sibling for her "angel baby." 

JWoww shares that she was inspired a decade ago by her "girl crush Carmen Electra" to get breast implants and was blown away by the results, which brought her up to an ample 34F. Now, the hot mama explains how time and nursing have taken their toll:

But ten years later and with the birth of my angel baby Meilani, they had changed a bit, especially with breastfeeding!

Knowing that she couldn't get it done once she's pregnant, the reality star is taking care of her body before turning it over to her next little one. As she points out, doctors recommend you swap out implants after 10 years, so she's protecting herself in that way as well. And keeping her hourglass curves, the Jersey girl is remaining a size F.

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Thrilled with the outcome, the 28-year-old vows she's down with another boob job after nursing her next baby. 

While it might not be everyone's first choice of a post-pregnancy pick-me-up, it's great that JWoww is doing something that makes her feel confident and good about her body. Some moms join a gym and work out like crazy, others may take a post-baby vacation to relax and rejuvenate themselves and their marriages. Whatever works! As we all know, the happier moms are, the happier the whole family typically is.

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Referring to her new additions as "nice and bouncy," it sure sounds like JWoww won't have any trouble getting Roger in the mood for a little baby-making. She writes:

I’m so excited for these big moments to happen in our lives and 2015 is definitely our year!

Did breastfeeding change your boobs? If so, did you consider breast augmentation?


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