Jill Duggar's Belly Just Popped Big Time (PHOTO)

jill duggar pregnany baby bumpWe've officially reached the last few weeks in Jill Duggar's pregnancy, and the mom-to-be is showing off her latest baby bump milestone. Mrs. Derick Dillard shared the latest pregnancy progress photo on the Duggar family's official Facebook page, and we're all thinking the same thing: whoa, belly!


Check out the latest photo of Baby Dilly:

Guys. She is all belly. That's it.

Overall, it looks like pregnancy hasn't changed much for 23-year-old Jill. Except, well, that exponentially growing pregnancy belly.

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And the photo is definitely nothing new. Jill and Derick have kept us pretty updated with their pregnancy over the past several months. They've posted week-by-week photos that carefully mapped Baby Dilly's progress and were eager to share every step along their journey.

And really, this all means one thing: they'll be even more attentive and camera-happy once the baby arrives. Get ready for more photos, people!

Was your pregnancy similar to Jill's? Did you also carry all in the front?


Image via duggarfamilyofficial/Facebook

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