Mila Kunis' Mom Has Got a Diaper Problem -- & It's Adorable (VIDEO)

mila kunis

New mom Mila Kunis was on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about her 4-month-old sweet daughter Wyatt and her inadvertently hilarious mom. In her interview, Mila mimics her mother's Ukrainian accent explaining how she was amazed by the technology of disposable diapers.


Mila was born in 1983, and back then in the Ukraine, no one used disposable diapers. No one heard of Elmo. Velcro? Not for babies. Kunis put on her mom's accent and explained how, back then, babies wore cloth diapers with pins, and she detailed her mom's reaction to 'sposies.

Mila said:

She was like, 'I don't understand what this is. What do I do?' I was like, 'Mommy, you lift the baby up, stick it under, and Velcro.' 'And then just throw in the trash?' I was like, 'Away it goes!' And she was like, 'Well, if I had this, I would just have seven babies. This is amazing!' 

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Love this! This little interview made me giggle. I love seeing Mila talking about mommy stuff, Jimmy relating and hanging on every word. The only thing that would have made it better is if Ashton Kutcher was there, too. Or Wyatt. Or Mila's mom! Though seeing her imitate her was endearing. It's clear there is a lot of love there -- even through the bewilderment of disposable diapers with Elmos and Velcro on them. See? There are some things our parents can teach us and other things we can teach our parents. Makes you wonder what new technology will be around once baby Wyatt is having her own kids.

What things did your mom notice changed a lot since you were a baby?


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