Ryan Reynolds Reveals Truth About His Baby's Name (It's Not Violet!)

ryan reynoldsThe most genetically blessed baby in the world may have arrived in December, but for now, her parents are keeping pretty hush-hush on any details. Blake Lively gave birth to a daughter late last year, and we were led to believe her name was Violet. Looks like we were very wrong because Reynolds is now denying all baby name rumors.


Last month, a nurse at the hospital where Lively gave birth accidentally tweeted out that the couple named their daughter Violet. It turned into a big scandal and we all suspected the parents' secret had leaked.

But Reynolds is shutting that down. Way down. He spoke with USA Today and immediately made it known: "No that’s not the name," he says. "I don’t want to get into that but I don’t know where that came from."

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Hear that? There's no Violet Lively-Reynolds here, people.

And apparently, it looks like we're not getting any more information any time soon.

But ... why? Why is it such a secret?

Listen, we're all for celebrity privacy here, but it's just her name. We're chomping at the bit here! Could we possibly have another Edward Norton case on our hands?

The Birdman actor kept his son's name a secret for two years. Two years! Just this past month, he finally revealed that his now-22-month-old son is named Atlas.

Let's just hope we learn more about baby girl Lively-Reynolds before 2016 ...

Why do you think Reynolds is keeping the baby name a secret?


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