Kate Middleton & Prince Will Are Teaching George a Valuable Lesson Before Baby

Kate Middleton is just a few months away from giving birth to her second child. And, like many moms, the Duchess has decided to take a little time before the frenzy begins and embark on a relaxing babymoon—with Prince William and their 18-month-old son Prince George. And the smart couple also realized this would be the perfect time to give little George an amazing, and very smart, gift.


The couple and their son took their last major trip before baby #2 makes his or her appearance in April and are reportedly staying for two weeks in a five-bedroom villa in Mustique, which is a private island in the West Indies, where a single week's stay costs $26,000.

Not only did they treat Kate's mom, Carole, to a lavish 60th birthday party at Basil's Bar, but they are now giving George a fantastic gift: swimming lessons.

And what better place to learn how to swim than at a top-notch resort's private children's pool?

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All young children should learn how to swim, whether they live in California or Oklahoma, because you just never know. And besides the fact that it gives us peace of mind to know our kids will be safe if they ever accidentally fall into a body of water, it's a great form of exercise and a ton of fun. The younger we can get them started, the better off because, as lots of us know all too well, children are fearless.

It makes sense that Kate and Will would choose this time to get George acquainted with the water. Springtime is going to be quite hectic for them, and before they know it, summer will be making its grand appearance. And George will already be ready to hit the pool.

Did your children take swimming lessons when they were young? 


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