Shakira Picks a Baby Name That's Bound to Be Popular

shakiraSinger Shakira has given birth to a boy! It's her and hubby Gerard Piqué's second son, and all seems well with the growing family, who are currently in Barcelona. We've even heard word about the baby boy's name: Sasha.


To be honest, my first reaction to the name was "isn't that a girls' name?" And in my mind, a boy with a girlish name is just asking for trouble. What if he gets picked on?

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But the name quickly grew on me. After all, Sasha is actually a nickname for Alexander, and there's nothing girly about that. And further research shows that Sasha is considered an androgynous name that's often given to girls and boys, and that androgynous names are slated to be super trendy this year.

Last but not least, let's get real: since this is a celeb kid we're talking about, odds are slim he'll get picked on much.

If anything, since celebs are always such trendsetters, maybe this couple will cause the needle to move toward Sasha being a "cool" name for boys. So that's good news for the name no matter what.

What do you think of the name?

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