​Mariah Carey Accused of Firing Nanny for Loving Her Kids Too Much

Mariah Carey

Celebs have the cash and clout to hire top-notch child care, yet Mariah Carey's nanny may have been a little too good. Reports abound that the nanny is suing Mariah for firing her, claiming she was cut loose for a completely ludicrous reason: loving the kids too much.


The nanny, Simone DaCosta, claims she'd cared for Mariah's and ex-husband Nick Cannon's kids since they were infants. She also claims the singer had scolded her for being too affectionate with her kids -- insinuating that Mariah was jealous of their close relationship, since it threatened her star role as mom.

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Well, if that's true (and that's a big if), I can sympathize with how Mariah feels. I, too, had felt twinges of jealousy when I saw my 6-month-old's eyes light up every time our nanny walked through our door. But then I'd remind myself that I should thank my stars that I had a nanny who was so loving. God forbid, I did not fire her.

In any case, if this diva singer does indeed feel threatened when nannies lavish too much affection on her kids, then I hope she finds the detached, lazy, unloving nanny she's looking for! Good luck with that!

Have you ever felt jealous of your nanny or babysitter?


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