Michelle Duggar's Latest Attempt to Control Daughter Might Hurt Her Career

jill duggar derick dillardWe know that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar forbid their children from kissing and frontal hugging before they're married, but the couple's latest restrictions leave us scratching our heads. Jill Duggar, who has been married to Derick Dillard since 2014 and is now expecting their first child, has also seen Mom and Dad interfere in her work life. Jill is working as a midwife, and it turns out that the Duggars once forbade their daughter from helping an extended family member because she was having a child out of wedlock.


Susanna Keller, the younger sister of Anna Duggar (Josh Duggar's wife and Jill Duggar's sister-in-law), was expecting her first child. Still following? But when Jill wanted to act as a midwife to 22-year-old Susanna, Michelle and Jim Bob were quick to shut it down.

A source tells Radar Online:

Jill was very excited to assist Susanna through the birth. Michelle and Jim Bob, however, wouldn’t let her participate. They thought Jill shouldn’t be exposed to an unmarried mother in that condition.

Not only that, but the famous parents effectively shunned Susanna because she gave birth outside of marriage. They refuse to acknowledge her and her "condition" and have even stopped mentioning her on air altogether.

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And get this: when they ran into Susanna and her daughter last year, they were apparently "appalled" when they found the two girls dancing. If you don't remember, the Duggars strictly forbid dancing for its "sensual" undertones.

But little did we know their hold on their daughters even extends to their medical practices. Whatever happened to "first do no harm," and do midwifes take the Hippocratic Oath?

Fearing that their daughter might be "exposed to an unmarried mother in that condition," seems like a far-fetched attempt to continue maintaining control. Let's hope Jill can start to make her own decisions, work and otherwise.

Are you surprised Michelle and Jim Bob banned Jill from helping her relative?


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