Model Body Shamed for Posting Bikini Selfie 4 Weeks After Birth (PHOTO)

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"Body after baby" is one of the most popular headlines ever written. Whenever a celebrity mom gives birth, the next natural step is her expected miraculous weight loss and the inevitable slimming down post-baby. So when fitness model Erin McNaught showed off her abs just four weeks after giving birth, the world couldn't handle it. Not even one little bit.


The Australian model and mom to baby Evander Maxwell showed off this stunning selfie just one month after welcoming her son:

And the body shaming began immediately. 

Comments like "unrealistic" and questions like "did she have a surrogate?" popped up around the photo. Another user left this: "We have to stay relevant in the media somehow I guess don’t we? Goodness knows you don't do that just being a mother."

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And just like that, the woman-on-woman hate began.

Now, why?

McNaught is a model. She was fit before pregnancy and stayed active during pregnancy ... so is it really a shock that she was able to get back to her pre-baby body so quickly? Not even a little bit.

But does that mean it's appropriate to attack her as a mother? Absolutely not. Sure, we might be envious that she's already sporting a six pack just four weeks postpartum while we've been feverishly hitting the gym to lose the dreaded belly fat, but who are we to knock her down?

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So let's not. There's nothing to be gained from attacking other women. Yes, it is possible to be both a mother and a fit woman. A mother is not just someone with an ever-present pouch, and an in-shape woman is not childless or incapable of giving birth.

What's the use in shaming women for being too fat or too skinny? Or is it too lazy or too incapable of being a mother? One is not a reflection of the other. And that's one thing all women, moms or not, should embrace.

Do you ever see this type of body and mom shaming? How do you react?


Image via mcnaughty/Instagram

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