Ryan Reynolds Is Such a Great Dad He's Even 'Tried Breastfeeding'

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been nesting since the birth of their baby girl in late December. But new dad Ryan was at the Sundance Film Festival promoting his new film Mississippi Grind and he shared some very endearing details about how hands-on he is as a father. He joked how he has even tried breastfeeding.


Ryan told People magazine:

I gotta jump in and do all those sorts of things. I mean, I’ve even tried breastfeeding.

When asked how that went, Ryan answered, "It’s frustrating for the baby and frankly disturbing for me … not well is the answer. It’s amazing that you can be that exhausted and that happy at the same time."

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It seems Ryan is a very hands-on dad and I love that. His joke about trying breastfeeding is just a testament to how he would do anything for his family. Ahem ... as he should. Parenting does seem to work best when you have help, when you have people around you who despite the lack of sleep and inability to form a complete sentence at three in the morning, they understand what you need -- whether it be a clean diaper, a glass of water, or a minute alone in the bathroom to pee in peace.

Now if Ryan wants to share the love and become a postpartum doula, I think many of us are more than happy to hire him. Actor-turned-doula has a nice ring to it.

Are you surprised Ryan is such a hands-on dad?


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