Kristin Cavallari's Husband Sends Her Crazy, Frantic Text About their Kids (PHOTO)

If you're smack in the middle of taking a brief break from making breakfast, changing diapers, and urging your toddler to use the potty for the sixth time this hour, you may be daydreaming about a celebrity mom life filled with nannies and 24/7 help. Well, Kristin Cavallari is here to assure you that she and her husband are not that couple. The 28-year-old Laguna Beach star recently traveled, leaving her NFL husband Jay Cutler solely in charge of 2-year-old Camden and 8-month-old Jaxon. And the crazy, panicked text message he sent her the second she landed might look familiar.


Kristin says she texted her husband to let him know she had arrived safely back in Los Angeles. She probably expected to receive a sweet message in return, maybe a heavily sugar-coated response about how "great" everyone was doing and how parenting two little ones is a breeze.

Oh, no way. Instead, this is the text Cutler sent her—one so hilarious, she had to post it on Instagram:

Haahahaa! I have to admit, my husband is really good about making believe everything is great when I'm out, but the second I get home, the list of things that supposedly went wrong makes me question whether we're raising the same little people.

I think children just know something is different when their primary caretaker has flown the coop and they've been left in touch with, you know, that other parent. They protest in strange ways. Also, as many of us moms know, when our kids sense us stressing out, they up the ante as far as their antics go.

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I think Kristin was right on the money when she captioned this screenshot: "Contrary to what many people think, we don't have a thousand nannies. So with that being said, when I got home from LA 2 days ago this is what I landed to. Pretty hilarious. Ladies, u want your man to appreciate u? Leave them alone with the kids to see what we deal with!"


Does your husband or partner send you frantic texts like these when he's alone with the kids or does it play it cool?


Images via kristincavallari/Instagram

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