Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Gives Her Baby Daughter Meilani a 'Jersey Shore' Makeover (PHOTOS)

JWoww, Roger MathewsOne of a parent's favorite pastimes when they have a baby is to try and guess who the kiddo look more like -- mom or dad. Celebs are no different, as evidence by Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley and her fiance Roger Mathews. The couple recently dressed up their baby girl Meilani, and the results were hysterical!


The new mom and dad have been having all sorts of fun with their baby girl, and now that she's six months old, her little personality is starting to show. So is she more like her mama or her daddy?

JWoww took to social media this week to share the Jersey Shore-inspired makeovers they gave to Meilani. She wrote, "Roger decided to give Meilani a baby beard, faux hawk, and a muscle-tee so she would look like him! But then we gave her some hair extensions, fake boobs and some hot pink sunglasses and she definitely looks more like me! LMAO!"

Here she is looking just like Roger:

Pretty convincing, right? The apple of her daddy's eye ... but wait until you get a load of what she looks like with her "mommy makeover."

Oh my gosh, this kid is adorable, and her parents are hilarious! JWoww added via her blog, "Just kidding, we decided that our baby is the perfect combo of both mommy and daddy!!!"

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The two have been enjoying parenthood immensely, and even got matching tattoos last November in their daughter's honor. Jenni got Meilani's name and footprints on her back, while Roger got an even larger piece on the side of his chest. Jenni shared a picture and wrote, "We're officially corny cute parents lol."

They may think they're "corny" parents, but these two are definitely still having fun!

Have you ever dressed your baby up in something fun and weird?


Image via JWoww/Twitter

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