​Michelle Duggar Finally Lets One of Her Kids Go Off to College

joseph duggarThe Duggar family has embraced its very own set of specific rules. From household "jurisdictions" to courting practices, the kids have been following the rules prescribed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But now it looks like the famous parents from 19 Kids and Counting are breaking their own rules a bit because they've announced that their son, Joseph Duggar, will be leaving home for college.


Check out Jim Bob's personal message about his son:

Aww, look at Joseph, all grown up! And now going 700 miles away from home to attend college. It's certainly a big moment for the whole family.

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Michelle explained to TLC in 2012 that the kids do take college courses through a program called CollegePlus. It's an online course and cuts the cost of regular college significantly. For a family with 19 college-bound kids, and one that follows "a debt-free policy," that's obviously a perk.

But as The Inquisitor points out, Joseph's college choice might have a seriously hidden agenda. Turns out, Crown College is just a mere 30 minutes from the Bates family. And rumor has it that Joseph is interested in courting one of the Bates daughters. College and courtship, all in one? Seems very possible.

Are you surprised the Duggars let Joseph go away for school?


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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