Mila Kunis' Plans for Baby Number Two Could Be Dangerous

mila kunisCould Wyatt be a big sister soon? Sounds like it's possible! Just three months after welcoming their first daughter, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are reportedly trying for baby number two.


So far, the news is just a rumor, but a source does tell OK! Magazine that the couple wants to have kids close in age, so they're already planning a little brother or sister for Wyatt, despite warnings from doctors.

According to the US Department of Health and Services, getting pregnant too soon after giving birth is very dangerous. In fact, getting pregnant within just a year of giving birth increases chances of a premature birth, complications, and health risks for both mom and baby.

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Ideally, it is recommended that women wait at least 12 months after one baby to have another. The body needs time to recover, and so do the parents. Those first few months take a toll on not only Mom, but also her partner. They're stressful, overwhelming, and filled with sleepless nights and busy days. But according to this insider, Mila and Ashton don't want to wait the recommended additional six months.

The source also adds that pregnancy was a great experience for Mila and that she "felt so energized, powerful, and feminine during her pregnancy. Gaining a few pounds and giving up drinking are completely irrelevant to her."

And now it's possible that she's itching to go for round two. But for Mom's sake, let's hope she takes the time she needs.

How long did you wait to have baby number two?


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