Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Spotted On First Date Night After Birth of Baby (PHOTO)

If there's one thing new parents need after they've had a baby, it's sleep. But right at the heels of a good rest, moms and dads also need a fun night out to get away from the responsibilities of parenthood and just enjoy each other's company. Though most of us wouldn't mind being trapped on a living room couch with Ryan Gosling for the rest of time, we can't blame hot mama Eva Mendes for wanting to get all dolled up for a night on the town with her man. The hot duo made their first appearance as a couple since baby Esmeralda's September birth and both looked beyond gorgeous.


Eva, 40, and Ryan, 34, went to see comic Don Rickles perform at a sold-out show in Beverly Hills. Knowing they would cause mass hysteria, the couple separated in order to get through the front door of the venue, but a photo showing him driving her to the Saban Theatre confirmed that, yes, they are actually together and are not just some sexy desert mirage.

Now, let's talk about Eva and her outfit. In a word: hot. Hot leopard-print shift dress, hot platform heels, hot and stylish turban, hot, hot, hot. I'm not going to get into her post-partum body because I'm guessing many of us are sick of hearing those words. I'll just say, she looks fashionable and like she's glowing from the inside:

Considering how many of us are dealing with hair loss and acne four months after giving birth, Eva doesn't seem to give a flip about all of that. Lesson to moms: get out there when you feel ready. You're the only one who knows you're losing clumps of hair in the shower. And, if you are, wear a turban like Eva's and look smashing.

Now, for Ryan. Sigh. Ryan:

That's about all I have to say. Wait, let me say it again: sigh, Ryan.

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Now, don't you think it's time we saw a photo of that gorgeous baby girl of yours, guys?

What do you think of Eva and Ryan's post-baby date looks?


Images via Pacific Coast News


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