Kate Gosselin Reveals Why She Still Doesn't Have a Boyfriend

While Jon Gosselin hits up nightclub after nightclub as part of his latest stint as a DJ, his ex-wife Kate Gosselin is pretty much living the polar opposite life: as a single mom with eight children in her custody, you don't expect to see her go-go boots come out of the closet anytime soon. Some women might invite a male companion -- any male companion -- into their lives, just so they can have a romantic adult conversation once in awhile or share a bottle of wine with a person of the opposite sex after chasing children around all day. But Kate says she has a very good reason why dating is low on her list of priorities these days.


The 39-year-old star of Kate Plus 8, who is also appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice 7, reportedly said she would love to date, but simply doesn't have the time for it. Kate says she doesn't even have time to think about what she is looking for in a man -- and I applaud her for that because it shows she isn't willing to settle for whatever comes her way just because she is (maybe) lonely.

She also added something we can't help but think: with a family as famous as hers, it will be quite the challenge to meet a man who is strong enough to deal with all of the publicity that would be thrown on his lap.

Interestingly, Kate admits her children are starting to ask questions about her love life and whether she will be bringing a guy home at any point, and she says she is going to be very careful not to be that mom who just brings some random dude back to her house. She says she realizes her kids need a "male role model" and then adds (her words, not mine): "It is lacking."

Ouch. Ouch, ouch, obvious pin in Jon's heart, ouch.

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Look. Kate has definitely changed for the better, or so it seems, but the one thing that isn't going to change is her bitterness toward Jon. She still has little but apathy toward him and continues to insist he is "sabotaging" their family and that she's trying her best to make things work.

After finding her to be quite kooky for a few years there, I have to say I am slowly moving over to Team Kate -- not from Team Jon, I should add, but from Team No One.

What are your thoughts on Kate's reason for not dating? Do you think she has changed?


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