Bill Clinton Is Head Over Heels in Love With (Much!) Younger Woman

bill clintonPresident Bill Clinton was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers where he had some smart things to say about partnerships with people mixed in with talk of politics. But perhaps the best thing he spoke about was his love of a much younger woman -- granddaughter Charlotte, Chelsea's 4-month-old daughter. There is nothing quite like hearing the glowing words a Gramps gushes about his grandchild -- and no matter where you stand when it comes to politics, Grandpa Bill's words will melt your heart.



Bill calls his granddaughter the greatest thing since sliced bread. So sweet. So simple yet so perfect. Pure love. It's heartwarming to see a man who we typically see talking about serious matters like peace in the Middle East switch gears to discuss his love of being a grandparent. But when it comes down to it -- love is the answer. John Lennon is right. We need to apply this kind of love to everything. If only it were that simple.

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Papa Bill also made a little mention of the fact that he and Hillary are "exuberant grandparents" and that maybe Chelsea gives them a hard time about it. He mentioned "these young people" as if the younger generation thinks they know more or know better. Typical grandparent situation. His words made me think of my own grandpa who was giving me a talk about how he didn't want me to ride my bike too far from the house without him. I was 10. I told him, with hand on hip, "You're not my father. You can't tell me what to do." You know what he said? "I'm better than your father; I'm your GRANDfather." And grand he certainly was. Just like Bill.

Are you a grandparent yet? Do you share the same sentiment as Grandpa Bill?

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