Kristen Bell's Baby Name Is a Big Joke (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell, Dax ShepardIt's been three weeks since Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell welcomed their second child into the world, and aside from the new mom wowing everyone on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, they've also raised some eyebrows with their new daughter's unusual name. Dax visited the Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday, January 15, and revealed how they came up with Delta Bell Shepard's name.


Dax told Ellen that after naming their first daughter Lincoln, a friend texted him jokingly asking about what sort of "masculine" name they would pick for their second little girl. "[He] teasingly texted me: 'Oh, great! What's this one gonna be? Navy Seal? Delta Force? Green Burette?'" he shared.

The Parenthood actor, 40, continued, "I was reading this text out loud to Kristen. And I said, 'Oh, Louis Steve said what if we named her Delta?' Delta! Delta Bell Sheppard! That's it!'"

Ha! It's probably a good thing they didn't go with Burette, though -- her name would've been forever mispronounced as a tiny hair clip.

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Shepard also detailed how much harder this birth was than the last. More often than not, second births are easier than firsts, but when Ellen asked about it, he assured her that that's not what happened in this case. 

"Kristen, god bless her was in labor for 33 hours ... it was incredible," Shepard marveled, mentioning that she was "only" in labor for 15 hours with Lincoln. "That was child's play," he remarked.

"This was Fallujah. This was intense," Shepard joked about the intense experience. "And she got an epidural like hour 14, as you should, and I think dads need something. I deserve something because I was along for the ride. It's still a car crash and I'm in the passenger seat. I'm playing Katy Perry and I'm rubbing her back and I'm thinking, 'I need something for this! Help me!' And then at the last minute, which was heartbreaking, she then needed to have a C-section, which happens. It's all right. I have a healthy baby so everything's great. But I had been warned by a lot of different gentlemen and even my own mother said, 'You might not want to watch the baby come out. Maybe not the greatest idea.' What they didn't warn me about was the C-section, which was way worse. So, there's a sheet and then they go, 'The baby's here!' And then you peak around the sheet and they're lifting out the baby, but then you notice your wife is completely disassembled. I can see inside of her. I was like, 'It's a girl! Your liver's out, I think. And then those are definitely your intestines.' And she asks, 'Are you all right!?' 'Oh my God, put her back together correctly!' After seeing this autopsy, I would rather see a school bus drive out of her vagina. There's nothing worse than seeing your partner flowing over! Guys, I need medication if this happens again."

He continued to brag on his baby mama, saying she's a "super healer." He explained, "Because she never smoked, never drank. Eats perfect. She's like Wolverine! You cut her and as the knife's going through it's sealing. If those kids came out of me I don't know what they'd look like. I'd probably still be in the hospital, probably. Yeah."

After Ellen commented that that would be weird, she asked if everyone is fine now. "Everyone is really, really happy," Dax commented.

Awww -- love this cute little family, non-traditional baby names and all.

What the full clip to hear Dax himself hilariously recount his daughter's birth, and find out how Lincoln is doing now that she has a baby sister.

Do you like the name Delta?


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