Beyonce's Latest Pregnancy Is a Miracle of Science

Beyonce and Jay ZHold on, hold on, hold on. Just days after Michelle Williams vehemently denied rumors that Beyonce is pregnant, we're hearing some brand new information that would actually have us believing Jay Z and his wife are expecting baby number two. An insider tells In Touch Weekly that not only are the rumors absolutely true, but that Blue Ivy will have a little brother!


That's right.

Apparently, the couple is beyond excited, but the proud Pops is especially ready to have a son.

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"There’s no question that he adores Blue, but he’s felt an emptiness not having a little boy," an insider tells the magazine. "When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage — Jay is 150-percent invested now."

Yes, as opposed to before, when he was just a mere 100 percent committed. Ha!

Let's all just take a step back here for a moment. Not only does her best friend deny, deny, deny any possible rumor, but generally, pregnant women also don't find out the baby's sex until the second trimester. And from the looks of things, Queen Bey is pretty far from any trimester.

Not to mention that she was sipping some New Year's Eve bubbly with her hubby just three weeks ago. Looks like the math just doesn't add up.

For now, and until we get any official confirmation from Bey and Jay's camp, we'll have to stick with Williams' story. But that doesn't mean we're not hopeful for the couple!

Do you think Beyonce is pregnant?


Image via beyonce/Instagram

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