Why Gwen Stefani Makes Her Little Boys Wear Nail Polish

gwen stefaniFrom her baby names to outfits, Gwen Stefani has always been unique and, face it, unexpected. And now the mom-of-three is revealing exactly why she teacher her three little boys to not only be independent thinkers, but that manicures and nail polish are totally a-ok! In an interview with Pride Source, Stefani gives one great reason why you should paint your sons' nails: they're disgusting!


The 45-year-old singer and designer, who is Mom to Kingston, 8, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, 10 months, has it completely right:

My sons did nails just the other day, and the only reason was because their nails were so disgusting! Like, they were in the mud and I was like, "We have got to do your nails! Why don't we do 'Nail Salon'?!"

And while she teaches her kids to be proud of themselves and be unique, her reasoning for nail polish is brilliant.

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Newsflash: kids are disgusting. They're messy, dirty, manage to somehow cake themselves in every possible grimy surface. A manicure is the least we could do to clean out that muck.

What mom hasn't looked at her kids' fingernails and immediately eww-ed in disgust? Sometimes, you just need to do something about it so why not paint your son's icky nails? Seriously, why not?

It's a perfectly clean and easy solution. Time to stock up on the manicure kits, moms!

Do you ever give your son manicures?


Image via Mark Davis/Getty Images

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