​Teresa Giudice Bans Family From Talking About Her Kids

One of the realities of being sent to prison is that you are stripped of most of your rights. We're sure Teresa Giudice is well aware of this and, now that she has been locked away for a week, has possibly even accepted it. But that doesn't mean the Real Housewives of New Jersey star should be denied the ability to parent her four young girls as best as she can. Teresa recently made it crystal clear to brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa, that they are absolutely not allowed to post photos or updates about her children on social media while she's in prison. And some are saying Teresa's latest demand proves she is out of control.


Anyone who is familiar with Teresa's life knows she and Melissa are like vinegar and oil, so it's safe to assume she simply doesn't want them in contact with her children unless she's around to monitor what is going on. That alone would be fair.

Rumor has it that Teresa called to speak with Joe, proceeded to blame him for her prison sentence, and then left off warning him and Melissa not to post photos, videos, or other media on any social media sites that show the couple with Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 4.

One "source" says Teresa doesn't want anyone to think Joe and Melissa are doing the right thing and sticking by their family while she is in prison, so she is imposing this ban on sharing the details of any contact they have with her daughters via social media.

That's one way of looking at it, I guess. And, given Teresa's dramatic disposition, it's easy to believe. But I'm going to go out on a limb and call that a hogwash theory.

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Teresa already has so little control over what goes on with her kids while she's in prison. She is likely feeling completely powerless and protective of her little ones, particularly given how much is being written about her while she is serving her prison sentence. She can't do much about the tabloid coverage, but she can ask her brother and his wife not to provide additional publicity that her girls certainly don't need at this time.

And she has every right to make this request.

Even if they're not the best of friends, Joe and Melissa should respectfully agree not to post about her children at a time when she already feels like she can't properly look after them.

Do you think Teresa had the right to make this request? Why do you think she asked Joe and Melissa not to post about her daughters?


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