15 Celebrity Moms Who Ate Their Own Placenta

Kim Kardashian
Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

What are Kim Kardashian, Kailyn Lowry and other celebrity moms eating these days to lose weight, sleep better, regulate their mood, and even increase breast milk production? No, it has nothing to do with chia seeds or coconut water -- not even colonics. (Thank goodness that's over.) Today's celeb moms are eating their own placenta. Don't "ewwww" just yet -- eating placenta might just be something that even a non-celebrity mom might want to try. 

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This isn't a new idea. (And it's not the only unusual thing new parents have been known to do with a placenta after birth. Some moms choose to plant it, cast it into a bookend, or turn it into a healing salve.) But still, eating placenta can elicit some serious reactions from people, from "Gross" to "Best thing I ever did." Which celebrities are taking the charge in this slightly unconventional trend? We've found a few of our favorites who are loud and proud about their passion for placenta. 

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Read through to see which famous moms decided to go Team Placenta ... and what they thought afterward. And who knows? One might even get into the placenta eating spirit herself! 

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