Blake Lively Tricked 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' Costar Into Meeting Baby


Blake Lively's real life seems like it could actually be a scene straight out of her most awesomely fun film, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The 27-year-old former Gossip Girl star gave birth to her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds about a week ago. The couple had a little girl, whose name may or may not be Violet, and the news wasn't exactly buried on page 20 of your city newspaper. It was everywhere. But at least one person on earth doesn't keep up with celeb gossip: fellow celeb and Sisterhood costar Amber Tamblyn. The actress found out in the most amazing way possible that her friend had given birth -- Blake totally tricked Amber into meeting her little girl.


Amber reportedly joked that her "b***h" friend Blake tricked her one night when Amber was out supporting fellow Sisterhood costar America Ferrera at her husband's "Monsters and Landscapes" art exhibit in New York City. While there, Amber said she started receiving texts from Blake about some new wallpaper that Amber just had to see.

Amber made a pit stop at Blake's apartment, expecting to see a few cool walls, and instead met her little girl.

Apparently, all of Blake's friends were in on the joke and Amber was the only one who was unaware of the fact that Blake had already given birth. Kudos to Blake for being able to keep mum about it for the sake of having a few laughs!

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Amber took the joke well and says she is just thrilled to be an "auntie" and that all of Blake's baby's "godmothers" -- we'll assume she also means Alexis Bledel and America -- are just as happy.

What do you think of Blake's trick?


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