Amanda Peet Shows World Her 'Porno' Breasts (VIDEO)

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Actress and mother of three Amanda Peet talked about having "porno breasts" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There is only one reason for this and it's because Amanda is a mom. If Peet didn't have any kids, there is no way she would ever show the world a photo of herself with her breasts barely contained in a black bra stuffed with cabbage leaves and talk about how incredibly large her boobs have become. Motherhood makes us lose our filter.


While chatting with Ellen, Amanda shared an intimate look at her life as a mom. Of course it included multitasking, a skill all mothers master whether we realize it or not. This morning, I was eating breakfast, while helping my daughter with her boots, while packing snacks. Here, Amanda shared her multitasking moment: She's brushing her teeth while trying to soothe her engorged breastfeeding breasts with cabbage leaves. I bet she had three other things going on as well.

amanda peet porno boobs

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Peet's third child, Henry, was born in December and she admits that while this cabbage leaves "trick" doesn't work wonders, she's tried it before with her two other children -- daughters Frances, 7, and Molly, 4 -- and found that it helps a little. Amanda said that her husband, David Benioff (co-creator and showrunner of Game of Thrones), got quite a kick out of her multitasking moment and captured it on film:

This is my husband being very amused by my porno boobs even though I'm in excruciating pain. ... it makes for a really great picture.

It is a great picture. It captures the moment perfectly -- a day in the life of a new mom. If Amanda wasn't a mom, there most likely wouldn't be a bra shot and her calling her breasts "porno boobs" -- and that's exactly the filter we lose once motherhood happens. We talk more freely about certain things, take more liberties. We freely talk about poop and pee even at the dinner table -- if the topic comes up (and somehow it often does). Don't forget to wipe! I found myself shouting while having pesto ravioli last night and my daughter left to use the potty. I farted, my son responded, sitting next to me. I smelled it. We giggled. 

Motherhood is the best. Porno boobs. Farts. And all.

Can you relate to Amanda Peet? Have you lost your filter once becoming a mom?

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