Macklemore & Fiancee's Pregnancy Announcement Will Make You Cry Happy Tears (VIDEO)

macklemore fianceePass the tissues! Macklemore and his fiancee Tricia Davis let the world know their little secret in what may be one of the most intimate and sweet ways ever -- something their fans and anyone who has a heart would love. Macklemore and Tricia are expecting a baby! And we're right there in the doctor's office with them in this video they shared.


Ben Haggerty is Macklemore's real name and we are so happy for him and his love Tricia. How adorable are they?! How sweet is it when his mom gives him a big hug, too? And be honest -- are you all emotional now? I am. And I thought his performance of his song Same Love was the only time he would bring tears to my eyes. I was wrong. This ... this just makes my heart happy.

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Ben and Tricia have been together for a long time, though egaged sinced Januray 2013. He said:

My fiancee was with me when we were printing out 20 T-shirts at a time at a show with 15 people there. She's been with us every step of the way. She produces the music videos and is our tour manager. She's been there since the beginning.

I'm always excited to hear about a pregnancy announcement, but seeing one makes it even more exciting. I love that he and his fiancee shared this with us. And I cannot wait for May when baby is due. 

What do you think of their pregnancy announcement?


Image via Macklemore/Instagram

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